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Personalised consultatio

During the consultation the nutritional therapist will assess the individual’s general health, body composition, family history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle, as well as any past and present medical conditions and medication. Each client consultation is unique and tailored to your individual needs.

Prior to the first consultation, you will receive a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and a 3-day Food and Lifestyle Diary to fill out in advance of the consultation. This will ensure that the consultation time is used effectively to discuss your goals and individual recommendations.

You will leave the consultation with personalised dietary recommendations to optimise your nutrient intake, taking into account your likes, dislikes and routine. You will be given meal suggestion as well as lifestyle advice. In some cases you may also be given recommendations for supplements and/or laboratory tests to gain further insight into your current health.

Nutritional therapy works alongside medical care to help you reach your health goals, it will not replace the advise of your physician and you should never discontinue any medication without your doctor’s consent.

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Typical consultation duration:

Initial consultation – 60 – 80 minutes
Follow-up consultation – 45 – 60 minutes

If recommended, supplements and laboratory testing will be charged separately. Some tests can be done via the NHS or may be covered by your insurance.

Call 07939 151 133 for details.

Laboratory testing

At times, we will request functional tests to better understand your unique nutritional needs. These are chosen to add useful information to our decision making process concerning current and future food, food substrates and lifestyle suggestions. A number of laboratories make these tests available to nutritional therapists, and our role is to relate the test results to our clients and find out if there are any specific nutritional deficiencies. The aim is always to help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness through the use of careful and individualised dietary and lifestyle modification that works to maintain metabolic equilibrium (homeostasis).

The functional tests that are used by Nutritional Therapists may include:
- Comprehensive stool analysis
- Female hormone panels
- Urinary organic acid analysis
- Digestive function investigations
- Blood chemistries
- Food intolerance/sensitivity to food tests

..and others as required. Tests are sometimes paid for or refunded by insurance companies, but are mostly the responsibility of the individual.


Nutrition workshops for small groups (6-8 people) are a great opportunity to learn about a nutrition topic that could help to improve your and your family’s health. Topics are numerous and could include a general balanced diet, nutrition for improved energy, managing menopause, juicing, or kids’ nutritional needs. Many more topics are available when considering how nutrition and lifestyle approaches support the health of all of our major body systems.

Contact us to discuss the options for your coffee morning, lunch or evening with a

Presentations and/or talks for larger groups are also available.

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