Sometimes you just need an easy breakfast or fancy a quick pizza or scone from a pack. Below are some of my favorite shop-bought options. All below options are typically available in the ‘FREE FROM’ section of the supermarkets.

To adopt a gluten-free diet, it is best to not just try to replace gluten options with similar non-gluten foods ‘like for like’. Many of the GF options are very high in sugar and preservatives which makes them unhealthy and inflammatory. It is better and healthier to work toward a varied diet with the least ultra-processed foods, but more about that later.

Similarly, many of them are ‘free from’ everything, which may compromise the texture and taste. Of course, some of us do need to avoid also other foods such as dairy, which is commonly linked to Coeliac Disease, or eggs. Note that the below options concentrate purely on avoiding gluten even though many also work for those avoiding, for example, eggs and dairy.

Deliciously Ella’s Original Granola
This is my go-to quick breakfast with three spoonfuls of natural Greek yogurt, little granola, and some fresh berries or defrosted frozen berries. This Original Granola option has no raisins, good fiber content, and a hint of cinnamon, and it has a very nice crunchy texture. This one and some of the other Deliciously Ella options are widely available in supermarkets.

Genius Gluten-Free Artisan Loaf
To me, this bread tastes the most like ‘real bread’, it has good fiber content and no added nasties. I slice the loaf and freeze it, and enjoy a slice or two toasted for my weekend brunch with avocado and a poached egg, rocket, cherry tomatoes, and some home-cooked ham if I happen to have any. This and other Genius and Schar options are widely available in supermarkets, along with many other options.

Helen’s GF Scone Mix
I have tried some other Helen’s bread mixes which are good but this scone mix is an absolute winner. My family and neighbours consider these better than real scones. Obviously, this is for an occasional treat since they are served with clotted cream and jam but they do make a lovely afternoon tea. You get 8 large scones from a pack and just need to add milk and eggs to make the batter. Instructions include a vegan option to avoid dairy and eggs. So far I have only been able to find these from Waitrose and Amazon.

GF Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins Mix by Sweetpeas Pantry 
These oat and flax-based muffins a brilliant. I add 1/2 mashed banana and a drop of maple syrup and make them with coconut butter rather than oil. All these options are included in the box instructions. There is only a little chocolate so with the added bit of banana they taste like oat/banana muffins, very nice and wholesome. These muffins are also enjoyed by those that do not have to be gluten-free.

Goodfella’s Gluten-Free Pizza
It is easy enough to make your own GF pizza base but if you are in a hurry, this one to me and my family tastes like a normal pizza. Goodfella’s have two GF options, margarita, and pepperoni. I have so far found these in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s ‘FREE FROM’ freezer section, but that is not to say you could not find them elsewhere. I never eat it as is but instead add my own tomatoes, onions, olives, or whatever else I have available, with some extra cheese. One pizza is then shared between two people and a big salad each to limit the processed foods intake. Eating out, I find Prezzo’s GF pizza to be the best option.