Why EliteNutri?

EliteNutri services are built on evidence-informed nutrition and lifestyle sciences,
over 10 years of experience to provide practical nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to fit any situation, and strong core values and a belief that we are all unique and deserve the best possible chance to enjoy a healthy, happy life with vitality.

We provide individualised consultations that can transform your wellbeing and sports performance, health MOTs to gain knowledge and information to tweak and adjust your diet, and group sessions that fit a variety of purposes.


Are you an SME, hobby group, training team, church group – Book a workshop to improve your team’s wellbeing with an informed discussion about healthy and sustainable dietary practices?

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Personalised Consultations

Tailored programmes to support improved wellbeing, optimising digestive function, hormonal disturbances, sports performance, weight loss, and support to live with an autoimmune condition.

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Dietary Review

MOT your diet - This 1-hour discussion includes a review of your diet and guidelines about how to make adjustments to achieve a healthy balanced dietary intake, and an example of daily dietary intake.

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What people are saying

  • “I called Satu for help but before we had a chance to meet I became very much more ill. Satu started giving me advice while I was still in the rehabilitation hospital and then has given me guidance throughout the last year contributing towards me going from not being able to walk unsupported until now when I have been able to walk 2 or 3 kilometers out on my own. She has been very encouraging and has given me a lot of diet/meal advice which I hope to be able to try more and more as my strength improves.”
    Michael, Hertfordshire
  • Satu held an interactive and informative session as part of our Wellbeing Programme which was very well received. She was informed and insightful and hit just the right note for us. Thanks Satu.
    Jo Foster, Mercer & Hole
  • “I only managed to get the supplements sorted last week but they are now underway and food intake modified as suggested. Exercise hasn’t managed to creep in except on odd occasions. Will try – promise!! However, both my partner and I have noticed a huge (positive) change to my persona. Much calmer (and nicer!! lol). Can’t believe how quickly we have seen a change. It’s great. I’ll be sending him over to see you soon!”
    Val, Hertfordshire

Tips and Resources

Find out more about a healthy lifestyle and guidance for those that have to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle. Access the page here