Cod, the family favourite, is about to disappear from our plates. 6 out of 10 UK fish are being overfished and are in a ‘critical’ state as revealed by Oceana’s UK fisheries audit in January 2021. Other common meal options also in the ‘critical’ category are herring, crab, scallops, and whiting, all overfished from the seas surrounding the UK.

While organisations such as the Marine Conservation Society and Marine Stewardship Council are working to help recover fish stocks in the UK and around the world, we can do our bit to help them, our marine environment, and the planet by choosing sustainably sourced fish, and eating more variety of fish. In the UK we have three sustainable fish stocks, these are mackerel, haddock, and Nephrops, also known as langoustine from Scotland.

Marine Conservation Society has created a ‘Good Fish Guide’ that helps you to check that the fish is from sustainable sources, and when shopping or eating out, look out for the Marine Stewardship Council logo on the packaging to show that what you are choosing is certified sustainable seafood.

Check out their Blue Cookbook here